Whether you’re having a new bathroom installed or are thinking of undergoing refurbishment, there are a number of benefits in remodelling a bathroom.

Here are just a few:

1. Different layout

A reason most people want to have a new or refurbished bathroom is that their current bathroom is either not functional or looks old and worn out. Having a well-designed bathroom installation can provide a different layout for any size space to overcome any problems. A new bathroom can benefit from many features like a well-fitted bath, a shower unit, new basin and a crisp, fresh feel.

2. Functionality

If it’s a new bathroom you would like or a bathroom refurbishment, functionality is key. If you have a bathroom with basic appliances and are looking to make some updates, go for some extra “wow factor” appliances like a foot spa, a Jacuzzi, a bidet or even a vanity unit.

3. Use of space

Upgrading a bathroom can give it more space which can make it more practical. Remodelling a bathroom means finding the best use of space, whatever the room size. You can have the bathroom designed to add extra storage, fixtures and fittings.

4. Value

Whether you’re having a completely new bathroom fitted or a refurbishment, expect the value of your property to increase. A well-designed, functional, spacious bathroom will attract potential buyers in the future.

Here at the Cambridge Bath company, one of our dedicated bathroom planners can discuss new bathroom designs or refurbishments for residential properties, hotels or B&Bs. To find out more, get in touch today.