If you’ve fallen out of love with your bathroom, it could be time for an upgrade. But if you’re not sure what’s making you so unhappy, try asking yourself exactly why you need a bathroom refurbishment. There could be some obvious, and not so obvious, signs that your outdated bathroom needs a facelift.

Legacy design

Old fashioned tiles and a coloured suite can leave your bathroom looking tired and dated. If your bathroom is a victim of legacy design, it’s time to reflect your own taste and style.

Swapping out heavily patterned tiles for natural stone or beautifully textured ones is a quick upgrade. Stick to neutral naturals, white and muted greys for classic chic, then add pops of colour with accent tiles and accessories.

Dysfunctional layout

Another driver behind your bathroom refurbishment could be a cramped or unusual layout. Bathrooms in older homes are often poorly designed, leaving you frustrated when you bump into the bath yet again. Even modern bathrooms sometimes fail to use an optimised layout.

Working with an experienced bathroom designer will help you see the space afresh. Something as simple as repositioning the basic elements of your bathroom can optimise the space available and create a real sense of luxury.

Leaky fixtures and cracked tiles

Decor and layout can be personal reasons for renovating your bathroom. Still, there are some obvious signs you just can’t ignore. Leaks, rust, limescale and mould are all problems that will need to be looked at fast as they could impact other areas of your home.

Cracked and damaged tiles, leaking taps, and the smell of mould and damp are all compelling reasons to start a bathroom renovation sooner rather than later. The problem is that those seemingly small issues can get worse over time. And it could send your budget skyrocketing if you leave it too late to fix them.

Minimal storage

If you’re low on storage, then a bathroom remodel can help you create discreet and functional storage that doesn’t compromise your space.

Clever features like floating shelves and recessed niches look super stylish while giving you the solutions you crave. Hidden cupboards or vanity units can streamline your bathroom storage and became a highlight of the finished renovation.

Poor lighting

Lighting might not seem an apparent reason to upgrade your bathroom. But creating the proper ambience with dimmable general lighting and focused task lighting around the mirror can help you see your bathroom in a whole new way.

We promise you that once you upgrade your lighting as part of your bathroom renovation, you’ll never regret it!

Changing needs

Your bathroom was fine when you were two. But does it still meet your needs when there are three or more using the space? For example, a new addition to the family means you’ll need more storage. And as family members age, you may need to build in accessibility features or replace a bath with a shower.

If your bathroom is no longer functional for your family, then a bathroom renovation could be on the cards.

Increase value

Your bathroom could be a make or break feature for some buyers if you’re planning to sell. If that’s not a big enough incentive, estate agents say that an updated bathroom could add as much as 5% to the value of your home.

Even if you’re not planning to sell, a bathroom refurbishment is a good investment. Working with an experienced bathroom designer and bathroom fitter can help you get the most out of your bathroom, so contact us here at the Cambridge Bath Company to start making your dreams a reality.