Are you navigating a less-than-spacious bathroom? You could get rid of some of your bathroom products or cram everything together in one chaotic mess…

Luckily, there’s another solution at hand, one in which you don’t have to compromise on your dream bathroom. Our Cambridge Bath Co. experts have compiled some tips and tricks to make your bathroom refurbishment feel effortless, no matter the size of your space.


1. Location, location

Unusual, awkward spaces in a bathroom can sometimes become a home for clutter. Make sure you take advantage of each storage space, no matter how small. Cull drawers of bits and bobs which you don’t need, and instead fill your drawers with extra paper products. Use a storage organiser to add multiple items in to one shelf, keeping your soaps separate from your smellies.


2. The only way is up

A ladder-style shelf boasts the winning combo of practicality and style. This style of shelf can fit snugly against a wall, using a tiered storage system to maximise vertical space. This way, you have control over what you want seen, and where. Storage boxes can be placed at the bottom to hold towels, whilst fragrances and decorative items can be placed at the top to help capture your desired bathroom design.


3. Basket shelves to the rescue

Basket shelves are a godsend for those looking to find inexpensive solutions to storage. Mount a set of baskets on your bathroom wall or back door for your lotions, skin care, makeup products and more. Get creative by using different colours, patterns and styles, depending on which products you use together. Plus, you’ll get the added bonus of some extra organisation.


4. Adhesive hooks are a must

Adhesive hooks are great for hanging up lightweight items. Use the back of bathroom doors to hang towels or clothes, or empty spaces by your washing facilities for flannels or hand towels. You can also find stylish wire racks to hang off your hook for storing candles and shower oils.


5. Mirror, mirror

When you’re planning your bathroom refurbishment, try to consider whether any amenities can double-up. A two-in-one mirror can be the perfect solution to space and style. Look for mirrors which have storage space, perfect for when you need your health care and beauty products to hand.


6. Out of sight, out of mind

There might be a few essentials which definitely need a home in your bathroom, but do you need them all on display? Cleaning products have a definite home in the bathroom, but they don’t need to form part of the bathroom design. Large wicker baskets or coloured tubs fit nicely into the corner of a room, placed on top of shelving cabinets, or hung on the inside of a closet door.


7. DIY time

Sometimes, all it takes is a little imagination to find some extra space. Finding alternative uses for furniture in your home can be a handy way to save on space. Vertical storage is the most practical way to save space; a paper towel holder can be used for bracelets or hairbands, whilst a small glass cabinet can slot in small spaces for added storage.


8. The magnetic pull

The power of magnetic strips are not to be overlooked. Adhere magnetic strips to the inside of your cabinet or counter for your metal appliances. Nail clippers, hair clips, nail scissors: all can be tucked away, attached to the strip by some good-old fashioned physics.


Consult an expert — contact The Cambridge Bath Co.

An extra eye can be helpful when planning your bathroom refurbishment. At The Cambridge Bath Co. we’ve got your vision covered. Our fully inclusive service provides one price, one supplier to breathe life into your bathroom, no matter the size. To find out more, contact us with any enquiries to begin building your dream bathroom design. And why not take a look at our article on design ideas for small bathrooms if you need a little more inspiration?