Redesigning a bathroom is an excellent way to add your own stamp on it. But when you’re limited on space, you may be a bit stumped on where to start. To make the most of the room you have, you may need to think a little more carefully about your bathroom design

But don’t panic! Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or fancy a bit of bathroom refurbishment, here are some bathroom design ideas that will give your small room some big personality.


Bathroom design ideas for small spaces

A bathroom is a pretty essential part of any property. But as well as being functional, a well-designed, aesthetically pleasing bathroom can help make your house a home. Here are some tricks to try.


1. Add a large mirror

Mirrors are a simple yet effective way to give the illusion of space in small rooms. They reflect light around the room, creating a sense of expansion. If you don’t have room on one wall for a single large mirror, why not get creative and include a few smaller ones? An extendable hinged mirror is handy for storing against the wall when not in use. 


2. Install a skylight

Another way to bring in light — which can help small bathrooms appear larger — is to add more windows. Now, if your room is too small to include extra windows on the walls, a skylight is an excellent space-saving solution. 


3. Decorate vertically

Narrow rooms don’t have to be plain and boring! When thinking about your small bathroom design, get creative with vertical decorations. You might like to get some eye-catching artwork and hang multiple frames in a vertical line. These decorations add colour and texture, but they’ll also draw attention to the height of the room rather than the width (or lack of).


4. Create a wet room

If you’re not too fussed about having a bath, you could go all out with the shower and build a wet room. By incorporating waterproof tiling across the entire room, you’ll create a spacious shower! Make sure you ask your bathroom fitter to install a central drain.


5. Try a sliding door

Maximise space with a sliding door rather than one that opens into the bathroom. This nifty bathroom design trick lends itself to some stylish variations. You can choose a sliding door that matches your refreshed bathroom’s aesthetics. A natural, wooden door will add a sense of warmth and rustic texture. Alternatively, you could go for a bold pop of colour. 


6. Use a mix of plain and patterned décor

In a small room, too many patterns can be overwhelming. However, patterns are also a great way to add interest to a bathroom. By keeping patterns confined to specific areas, such as a feature wall, or breaking it up with plain sections, you add a sense of contrast and avoid overstimulating the eye.


7. Include floating shelves

In a small bathroom, you may not have space for freestanding shelves or cabinets. Fixing floating shelves to the walls gives you an area to store bathroom essentials. Above the sink or beside the bath can be handy for keeping your toothbrush, shampoo, and other toiletries.


8. Build a wall niche

Another great way to add storage space without taking up precious room is to build a niche in the wall of your shower or above your tub. These alcoves are set into the wall so you can store toiletries on them without extending into the room itself.


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