Having a bathroom that suits your style and functions efficiently is a homeowner’s dream. But with varying designs, plumbing requirements, and materials, how much does a bathroom refurbishment cost? Let’s take a look at the various factors and what you can expect from your bathroom upgrade.


The first consideration is the size of your bathroom. This can affect the bathroom design and overall costs, particularly when it comes to per square metre calculations. Finding a bathroom fitter that specialises in contract bathrooms and unusual shapes and sizes is an ideal choice.

Structural change

If you’re looking to seriously overhaul major parts of your bathroom such as ceilings, windows, plumbing and electrical points, this can add significant time and cost to your bathroom refurbishment. Tiling costs average £50 per m² and a day’s labour can be around £200-300.


Choosing between steel, aluminium, acrylic, tile, copper, and uPVC can greatly vary your costs. Steel and uPVC are versatile and cheaper materials that can keep costs down, while acrylic and tile make for a sleeker and more expensive bathroom design.

How much does a bathroom refurbishment cost?

The average bathroom refurbishment is somewhere between £4,000 and £7,000, with many homeowners spending up to £10,000 for the bathroom of their dreams. This all depends on what you are looking to do and what you are willing to spend.

Make it your own

No two bathrooms are alike, and our experienced bathroom designers and fitters create custom contract bathrooms with unique designs that suit your taste. Get in touch to find out what The Cambridge Bath Co can do for you.