Why Choose Underfloor Heating?

If you’re a homeowner or bathroom designer and you are considering underfloor heating, then it’s probably to add a touch of comfort and tangible luxury to the bathroom. There is no simpler way to achieve this than underfloor heating in the bathroom, a simple and cost-effective feature that provides a level of the class far beyond its price point.

Underfloor heating is more than just a luxury however, removing the need for radiators saves space as well as contributing to a tidier more modern aesthetic.

What Is Underfloor Heating And How Does It Work?

Underfloor heating is a simple concept; electric heating cables are routed under your bathroom tiles and connected to the mains electricity, using a thermostat the cables heat the above tiles until they reach the desired temperature. Cambridge Bath Co uses electric heating rather than traditional water radiators due to the much faster heating response time.

How Expensive Is Underfloor Heating?

To many this will be the most important factor in whether or not they purchase underfloor heating, bathroom refurbishments can be expensive and only you can decide if adding another feature is worth the cost. One thing to consider is that both tiles and underfloor heating are priced per square metre, so as the size of your bathroom increases, so will the price.

But high-quality underfloor heating has never been cheaper and in our opinion, you can’t put a price on being truly comfortable in your own home.

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