Whether you’re redesigning your bathroom or simply sprucing it up, you’ll want to include essential luxury bathroom accessories to add a touch of decadence to your bathroom. Yes, that’s right: even bathrooms deserve a few fancy accessories. We’ve put together some of our favourite essential luxury bathroom accessories for you.


Storage space might not sound especially luxurious, but there’s more to it than simply setting up a new set of shelves. By integrating your storage into your bathroom design, you can turn a practical and useful accessory into something that completes the look of your bathroom.

Our contract bathroom designers have a special knack for integrating accessories into the design of your bathroom effortlessly. This means that you can maximise space in your bathroom, as you won’t have any clunky and unattractive storage spaces ruining the overall look of your bathroom design.


No bathroom would be complete without a mirror, but there are ways to glam up your vanity even more. Smooth, sleek shapes with sharp edges add a contemporary and modern finish to your room. Or, for something more traditional, wooden framed mirrors add an elegant and decadent finish.

Often it’s advisable to have one or two larger mirrors and a small vanity mirror. However, to make your bathroom design different you may choose a variety of shapes and sizes. Having multiple mirrors dotted around your bathroom creates a light, spacious feel to your bathroom, making it feel bigger and more open.

Shower curtain

This may seem slightly obvious, but if your shower curtain is looking worn and slightly tatty then replacing it can make a large difference to your bathroom’s design. The shower curtain is one of the things that the eye is first drawn to when entering a bathroom. Upgrading yours into something a bit more luxurious can transform your bathroom.

Try choosing colours and patterns that go with the overall image of your bathroom. Colour coordination looks good, but it isn’t always the best way to design a bathroom. Instead, patterns, shapes and colours that create a visual experience can elevate your bathroom, creating an interesting design that is unlike anything else in your house.

Choose a shower curtain that fits the atmosphere you want to create when someone walks into your bathroom. Whether it’s a tropical bathroom with tropical greens, pinks and oranges or a simplistic monotone bathroom design with greys, steels and blues, make sure you choose a shower curtain to fit that image.


A delicate, refreshing fragrance is a welcome thing when entering a bathroom. We suggest using diffusers with fresh cotton scents or uplifting floral aromas to add a subtle and soothing scent.

Little touches

Unexpected luxuries are always the most indulgent. Any added comfort in a bathroom is a welcoming prospect, and what could be more comfortable than the welcoming touch of underfloor heating?

The Cambridge Bath & Co. provides households in Cambridge with high-tech, reliable underfloor heating. We think a shower at 7 am during winter is a lot more bearable with the comfort of knowing your feet won’t have to hit a cold, icy surface before and after your shower. For the utmost comfort keep your floors gently heated and make those early mornings just that little bit less insufferable.

To find out more about our other bathroom design services, contact us today. We’re here to help you find the right bathroom design for you. We’ll even help with all the little touches, meaning you can find all the essential luxury bathroom accessories to complete your bathroom.