People tend to think of bathrooms as purely functional places, but really, they’re an important room in your house. Design yours right and you’ll get to enjoy a calming slice of paradise away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of your home…

If you’re thinking about redesigning your bathroom but don’t know where to start, fear not! We’ve created this inspirational guide to help you out. Read on for our top five bathroom design ideas for 2021.

Earthy Tones

Turn to natural pigments for a down to earth bathroom scheme.

There’s no denying that soft shades of brown, white, cream, and green help to create a natural feel in a room. And really, there’s no better place to integrate this raw sense of calm than your bathroom.

As somewhere we go first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, a bathroom with earthy tiles and organic textures will certainly put you in the right headspace.

Look for ways to incorporate colours like terracotta and rust, lots of moisture-loving plants, and even some wooden surfaces or accents.

Botanical Haven

If you like the idea of using your bathroom to bring a natural edge to your home but want to go for something a little more green, turn your bathroom into a luscious plant paradise.

How can you do this? Of course, central to this is integrating lots of plants (we love hanging plants such as ivy, and large statement floor plants), but it shouldn’t end there.

Creating a botanical haven means creating an overall green ‘feel’, so think about incorporating green tiles or some ceramics and other furniture in verdant shades.

Keep in mind that if you’re going for a more calming look, you’ll want to focus on lighter green shades. If you’re aiming for a stronger, more regal aesthetic, then dark green is your best friend!

Want to bring the natural world into your bathroom but in a fun, lively way? Add some stunning foliage themed wallpaper.

Warm Metallics

We’ve all used a bathroom with silver-toned metal features, but it might be time to ditch the chrome and steel for something warmer.

While there’s nothing wrong with these popular options, they inevitably make a room feel cool, clean, and bold. If you’re looking to establish some warmer hues in your bathroom redesign, work brass or copper accents into your colour scheme.

Striking Marble

Marble is one of those ‘best of both worlds’ materials in that it’s both aesthetically stunning and wonderfully durable. Not only this, but these factors work together to give marble that high-quality feel.

Look into using it in a wall feature or for your basins. Just a touch can be enough to leave a luxurious impression.

With marble in your bathroom, you’ll just need to be careful that you don’t get too swept away looking at those beautiful natural patterns!

All About Lighting

Our last design idea seems like a simple one, but it’s something that can make a huge difference in any bathroom. That’s right, we’re talking about lighting. It’s all good and well having a bathroom decor that you love, but if you’re not able to complement the mood with your lighting — what’s the point?

Decide whether you want to have bright artificial lights, or whether a stylish floor lamp could be enough to boost the natural lighting in the room. How would a statement chandelier look? What about a drum pendant?

If you’re looking to work with an experienced bathroom designer to give your bathroom a brand new look, contact us today. We’d love to turn your dream into a reality.