A new bathroom design can breathe new life into your home, and according to estimates, a new bathroom can add around 10% to the value of your home. You can usually get the best possible result by working with professionals such as a bathroom fitter, so here’s what they can do for you and why you might need one.

A bathroom fitter helps bring your bathroom design ideas to life

Bathroom fitters are usually either employed by the company who designed your bathroom or are independent contractors who work with your bathroom designer. They’ll be used to looking at designer’s plans and bringing them to life, so once your bathroom design ideas are in CAD, they can work from these plans.

Bathroom fitters are often multiskilled

Bathroom fitters are often multiskilled, so they can handle the complex jobs that come with a bathroom makeover. When you are looking at bathroom design in Cambridge, you’ll discuss with your designer what work needs to be done, which is a good chance to think about the skills they might need.

In addition to being able to rip out and install bathroom suites, fitters may have skills such as:

  • Tiling – if you can find a fitter who also tiles, this can speed things up
  • Plumbing – for obvious reasons, any plumbing skills are useful, in case they hit a snag with installation
  • Electrical – a fitter who is also an electrician will be able to deal with wiring jobs such as electrical showers, which keeps you on schedule

When you are going through the stages of bathroom design in Cambridge, UK, it can help to discuss the project management details early on, so that you can ensure you get the right tradespeople in at the right time.

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