Are you looking to transform your bathroom into an idyllic retreat? Perhaps you’re well on your way to selecting the pivotal features of the bathroom refurbishment – from stunning tiles and a top-of-the-range shower to underfloor heating and elegant fittings. 

If the ‘big picture’ is really coming together thanks to your bathroom fitter, now it’s time to consider the small details that can turn a great bathroom into an outstanding one. Get ready to upgrade your bath-time to a spa-worthy experience – we’re here to share our top 5 accessories for a truly luxurious bathroom.

1. A Well-Crafted Bath Tray

Designed to rest over the width of your bathtub, a bath tray offers a practical and sophisticated alternative to lining up your relaxation necessities haphazardly along the edge of the tub. Bath trays come in a range of styles, from natural bamboo to industrial chic, so there’s a design for every bathroom. 

Their uses abound, with many of the top-tier trays offering a dedicated and secure area for your electronics (such as a tablet or smartphone), a book rest, incense dishes, and even a wine glass holder. Keeping all of your self-care essentials within reach as you relax and unwind makes bath trays one of our must-have luxury bathroom accessories.

2. Luxury Bath Oils

Bath oils, enriched with nourishing essential oils and tantalising fragrances, can help instantly boost your mood and help those stresses melt away. In the quest to banish subpar soaking experiences, choosing pure bath oils over bubbles (which can often contain up to 70% water) is the smart choice. 

Not only will you be taking care of the atmosphere in your new bathroom, but also your skin – bath oils are magnificently moisturising. Simply add a few drops of your favourite oil to your bath, lay back and bask in the delicious, aromatic experience. 

3. A High-End Bathrobe

Nothing says ‘spa day’ quite like adorning yourself in a sumptuous and stylish bathrobe. Whether you choose a plush fleece design that feels like a post-bath hug or a decadent silk wrap-around sure to elevate your evening unwind, there are multitudes of robes to select from.

Be sure to choose a material that you know you love the feel of. It’s also good to consider the ways in which you are going to use it. Will you only be wearing it for a short period between getting out of the bath and getting dressed? Or are you likely to want to take your time and wear the robe for lounging? The robe you choose has to fit you in more ways than one.

4. Statement Scented Candles

Lighting is key when it comes to curating the perfect luxury ambience, and nothing quite beats the flickering glow of candles. However, if it is splendour you are seeking, don’t settle for a few scattered tea-lights; splash out on some bold and bougie candles instead. 

Scented candles are the perfect addition to your new bathroom design, offering a combination of atmospheric glow and aromatherapy. Similarly to the aforementioned bath oils, a fragrant candle can encourage your body to embrace the calming effect of your new bathroom, and help centre you after a long, productive day. 

5. Hotel-Worthy Towels

Finally, no bathroom is complete without a set of five-star towels. Fundamental to your bathing experience, it’s important to strike the perfect balance between being absorbent and fast-drying, as well as soft and fluffy. Go for premium bamboo-cotton for a sustainable yet silky option, or opt for the classic Egyptian cotton for a wonderfully absorbent treat. 

When curating your perfect bathroom, the possibilities are practically endless. Whatever you pick, and no matter your aesthetic tastes, these luxury bathroom accessories are sure to elevate your space and ensure you put your personal stamp on it.

And don’t forget, if you want to spruce up your bathroom on a larger level, get in touch with the Cambridge Bath Co. team to discuss our bathroom design and fitting services.