Getting a bathroom refurbishment can be an exciting time — there are so many decisions to think about! It’s a chance to achieve your dream bathroom design and turn your space into the stylish, relaxing room you always wanted it to be.

If you’re renovating your en-suite bathroom, you might want to think about making some considered design decisions. As a trusted bathroom designer and fitter, we have some recommendations about the best tiles to use for your en-suite bathroom.

Think about the colour of your tiles

Because en-suite bathrooms are tucked next to a bedroom, they are (generally) much smaller than a main bathroom. If your en-suite fits this description, you might want to consider choosing a tile colour that will help the room feel larger and more spacious.

White tiles are a popular choice for small bathrooms as white does a great job of making interior spaces feel brighter, airier, and less claustrophobic. 

If all-white is a little too ‘blank’ for you or doesn’t match your desired aesthetic, you could incorporate some statement coloured tiles into your white tiling to give it a burst of personality. Alternatively, you could choose another light, neutral or natural-toned colour like pale blue, light grey, off-white, cream, or a soft shade of green.

Darker coloured tiles can create a luxurious feel in larger bathrooms but tend to make smaller spaces seem lacking in natural light, less sleek, and more enclosed than they need to feel.

Keep in mind that aside from the colour of your tiles, the amount of tiling you incorporate into your bathroom will also impact the atmosphere and look of the room.

What’s the right amount of tiling for an en-suite bathroom?

If your heart is set on using dark coloured tiles, large textured tiles, or statement tiles in your en-suite, consider covering less space in the room. Stick to just a tiled floor, a tiled shower area and floor, or a half-tiled wall and you’ll be able to contrast your tiles with minimal painted walls. Blank space amongst your tiling will also help to create the illusion of a more spacious room.

Your tile budget

Stunning high-quality tiles can get expensive, but if you’re only tiling a small room (and maybe just a specific area in it) you might find you can spend more on fewer high-budget tiles.

Have you always fancied a marble bathroom? Is it your interior design dream to create a beautiful mosaic tiled wall? A small bathroom could be a blessing in disguise. Think about whether you’re willing to invest in making your en-suite an extra special haven — it may not cost as much as you originally thought.

Whatever tile colour and material you choose, it’s important to always opt for a reputable high-quality tile brand. We only work with the best tile brands here at The Cambridge Bath Co. — such as Porcelanosa, a trusted supplier of gorgeous ceramic tiles.

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