When planning a bathroom refurbishment, luxurious fixtures can effortlessly elevate your space. However, opting for high-end fixtures is about more than just aesthetics. Instead, you’re investing in quality products designed to outlast passing trends and add value to your home. But what are bathroom fixtures, and what are the best choices for your new bathroom?

Choosing your bathroom fixtures

Bathroom fixtures are the elements that make your bathroom function, including sinks, taps, bathtubs and showers. But they aren’t merely practical. Your choice of fixtures conveys your sense of style. And choosing luxury finishes and designs will help you create the look you want – whether that’s cosy cottage charm or a serene spa retreat.

Styling your luxury finishes

When you aim to elevate your bathroom above the everyday, your choice of finishes plays a massive role in achieving your aesthetic. For example, matte black taps and shower fixtures are effortlessly contemporary, while brushed brass conveys a rustic authenticity. 

Look for natural materials for that sanctuary feel, including stone, wood and tempered glass. Or incorporate unexpected finishes like a polished concrete sink or stainless steel showerhead for your take on modern industrial. Texture and design are also significant contributors when creating a luxury look and feel in your new bathroom.

The most luxurious fixtures for your bathroom

So what are the most luxurious fixtures for your bathroom? We’ve put together our edit of the best high-end pieces for your bathroom refurbishment:

1. Freestanding bathtub

A freestanding bathtub is unparalleled when you want to create a sense of effortless luxury. Available in sleek contemporary or claw-footed heritage styles, a freestanding tub takes centre stage whether positioned on a feature wall or standing proud in the middle of the space. 

Freestanding baths allow you to design the space more creatively, making the most of its features. Pair with traditional telephone taps, a wall-mounted waterfall or a streamlined overflow filler for maximum effect.

2. Custom walk-in shower

A custom walk-in shower is the ultimate in bathroom luxury. You can choose premium materials, make the most of an awkward space or add high-end features, including steam and massage jets. 

For a smaller bathroom refurbishment, consider turning the entire space into a walk-in wetroom, adding a freestanding tub for extra glamour.

3. Wall-hung toilet

Wall-hung toilets are the obvious choice for a luxury bathroom. By removing the pedestal, you create clear sightlines through the space. And the hidden plumbing contributes to a sleek and minimalist look. 

Keep it curvy and add a matching bidet in a contemporary refurbishment. Alternatively, opt for a square, Deco-style toilet for a vintage look.

4. Statement touchless taps

We’re all more aware of handwashing and hygiene than ever these days, so a statement touchless tap is an intelligent choice. 

You’ll impress guests with a stylish touch-free tap in modern matte black or sensuous brushed nickel. And you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint with the auto shut-off feature.

5. Spa-style sinks

While under-mounted and oversized trough sinks can look chic and stylish, vessel sinks that sit on the countertop combine effortless good looks with practicality. 

Rather than looking like an afterthought, a standout vessel sink in natural stone, concrete, mosaic, or even wood brings a unique sense of style and luxury to your space.

Luxury bathroom refurbishment from The Cambridge Bath Co.

Upscaling your bathroom doesn’t have to be complicated. At The Cambridge Bath Co., we’ll work with you to create the luxury bathroom of your dreams and work tirelessly to achieve the high-quality finish you expect. 

From a spa-style wet room to a classic en-suite, we’ll help you get the look you love, so contact us today to discuss your bathroom refurbishment option.